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Time to review your home loan?

Refinancing simply means changing from one home loan to another, to improve your financial position. Changes in your personal circumstances, or in the home loan market, may mean it’s possible to get a better deal than your existing loan.

As your situation changes over time, it’s important to regularly review your mortgage arrangements. Perhaps your income has changed, your family has grown or your credit card debt is proving unmanageable. Or perhaps it’s time for that long-awaited renovation. The process of reviewing your home loan can provide significant savings.

Some of the situations where you may consider refinancing your home loan include:

  • If you think the interest rate and/or fees you are currently paying are not competitive.
  • If you have mounting debt from a number of sources, including credit card debt, which you would like to consolidate to save interest.
  • If you intend to buy an investment property.

The benefits of refinancing:

  • Unlocks equity in an existing property to fund an investment property or other major financial commitment.
  • Offers improved flexibility and payment arrangements to better suit your circumstances.
  • Secures a lower interest rate on your home loan to save significant interest payments.
  • Lets you manage your debt more effectively and regain financial control.
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